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Arian Motor Pouya History

In order to develop the economic activities of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and following the negotiations with this company in 1389 to import vehicles, Arian Motor Pouya Company using the related financial resources, experts and using the modern management approaches took actions to be chosen as an official representative of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation in 1390 and consequently the necessary infrastructures in sale fields and after-sale services for the usage of Iranian customers from technology, security and welfare of the vehicles of this commercial authorized brand and also domestication of this technology was considered to be part of the perspective of the company’s activities in future.

In 1391 and after the development of company’s activities and taking the necessary licenses, ASX (4WD) was marketed as the first model of the vehicles covered by this company in Iran market and as a vehicle which is environmental friendly and economical. At the present time the company tries to take continual and constant steps towards converting to the internal and international sample in automotive industry on the basis of the client-oriented approach and by using the experiences of stockholders, business partners, representatives and committed and expert personnel.